Thursday, July 15, 2010

This Utley vs. Werth Feud is Getting Out of Hand

WERTZ: If thou couldst please me with speaking to me, thou mightst have hit upon it here: the commonwealth of Athens is become a forest of beasts.

UTLEY: How has the donkey broke the wall, that thou art out of the city?

WERTZ: Yonder comes a poet and a painter: the plague of company light upon thee! I will fear to catch it and give way: when I know not what else to do, I'll see thee again.

UTLEY: When there is nothing living but thee, thou shalt be welcome. I had rather be a beggar's dog than WERTH.

WERTZ: Thou art the cap of all the fools alive.

UTLEY: Would thou wert wertz clean enough to spit upon!

WERTZ: A plague on thee! thou art too bad to curse.

UTLEY: All villains that do stand by thee are pure.

WERTZ: There is no leprosy but what thou speak'st.

UTLEY: If I name thee. I'll beat thee, but I should infect my hands.

WERTZ: I would my tongue could rot them off!

UTLEY: Away, thou issue of a mangy dog! Choler does kill me that thou art alive; I swound to see thee.

WERTZ: Would thou wouldst burst!

UTLEY: Away, Thou tedious rogue! I am sorry I shall lose A stone by thee. [Throws a stone at him, tears thumb ligament off again]

WERTZ: Beast!

UTLEY: Slave!

WERTZ: Toad!


  1. Why is Werth wearing a women's suit?

  2. WERTZ stole my Ellen DeGeneres leisure suit!

  3. The broad Werth is bangin' is pretty hot... The blonde isn't bad either.

  4. it just shows that even sometimes $$ can't buy style.

  5. Even a black minister wouldn't have that many buttons on the front of his suit.

  6. it looks like a suit worn by an nba draft pick had sex with a suit worn by steven segal.

  7. WERTZ: It's Zegnnnnnnnnnnnaaaa!

  8. Can we renew this literary saga for eleventy billion installments.

  9. Why have 5 buttons on your suit if you don't button any of them?

  10. I'm pretty sure Wertz is Joe Maddon's and Hillary Clinton's love child

  11. This suit has officially ended my love affair with the Wertz.


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