Saturday, July 31, 2010

White Guys Continue to Love Wertz Shirt and ---> Justin

So the Phils took on the Natinals last night, and while the results on the field were a big bucket of a fail, the evening was not without its bright spots.

s-dot-dougherty sends in the following photo of "----> Justin" and his buddy from Nats park last night. Check these two out as they successfully complete the eleventy-five cool points Cuttered/So Cuttered exacta:

<--- Justin
Immediately following this picture, these donkeys sang a Righteous Brothers tune to an unsuspecting female

Oh, look!

Here are Maverick and Goose again, this time seen at a post-game party with the girl they sang to in the bar, the three of them completing the Cuttered/Cuttered/So Cuttered trifecta:

And of course, because we've now gone completely through the looking glass, John submits via Twitter this screenshot of his picture of those two having their picture taken.

Think about that for a second. I'm not sure what this means, but it's somehow awesome and entirely appropriate:

At least he didn't print out the screenshot of the picture, photocopy it, scan it back in, and then e-mail it.


Yes, please. Also, that poster rules.


  1. Ooo ----> Justin is kinda hot....

  2. yoo zwr. i just back from dc and im sooo pumped i made your website. I wore the wertz shirt all weekend. My life is now complete.

  3. Justin is most certainly hot. And, he's mine.


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