Friday, July 2, 2010

White Guys!

Yo, true story: white guys love Zoo With Roy. I know, hard to imagine. But seriously.

Proof: I'm at the Phillies game last Saturday (you know, the one where I almost caught that homerun ball but I totally didn't want to show off in front of Meech so instead I let the old lady behind me catch it with her face), standing around in the parking lot, and all of a sudden two dudes approach. I figure they're just trying to peep my fly Hartford Whalers hat, but no, one of them, I can't remember which, catches my eye and says, "Yooooo mannnnn, are you Zoo With Roy?" And I'm like wait what no. I mean yes, but-- wait, how did you...and before I could finish they're like, "The Whalers hat, someone said you were standing over here in a Whalers hat." And then I was all like oh, yeah, hi!

But here's the best part. Right after that the one dude was all, "Ohhhh heyyyyy man we don't want to bother you or anything, just wanted to say hi. We love the bolg. You're a genius. Seriously, be our spiritual guide." Okay, so probably made up part of that quote, but in response I was all, "Bother me? I'm just standing here drinking a $13 case of beer and wearing a Whalers hat." And then we chit-chatted for a little while. You know, literature, the arts, eastern philosophy, stuff like that. And then they were all, "Oh hey can you take our picture." And so I did. iPhone, yo!

Then, a couple days later on the Twitter:

And again, a couple days after that:

Okay, okay, donkey. Calm down!

Here you go:

Don't hang around, cause two's a crowd. On my cloud, baby.

Also, other Caucasians spotted in the wild:

Seriously, white dudes. ZWR agents are everywhere. If you wear one of my shirts in public, SOMEONE will photograph you.


  1. So.... according to the picture, you met Kid Rock and he's a fan of the bolg.

  2. Guy in the second picture looks like Dan McQuade.

  3. guy in the rolling stones shirt looks like mitch hedberg.


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