Monday, August 23, 2010

Catching Up-ish

Hey all, it's Zoo With Roy, of I Want to Go to the Zoo with Roy Halladay, the world's foremost bolg about wanting to go to the zoo with Roy Halladay (! It's Monday, and I was away this weekend, so we're all just gonna ease back into this deal with a catch-up of the more interesting things to come across the Zmail and be Twittered in my direction.

Bolg enthusiast Lynniemac was hip enough to send in the following pic, from an in-game promotion sponsored by the company that makes it possible for me to be frustrated with an iPhone, where they polled folks on their favoritest landmark in the city (options were the zoo, Liberty Bell, Reading Terminal Market, and "some other place"). Notice the percentage of the vote the zoo got, yo:

That's deep

One of my favorite Twitters Carolyn sent in some TWIPN- a communist penguin. It's kind of scary, but way too cute. I choose to hold off on worrying about his economic policies, disregard for the environment, and zeal for Olympic dominance. Oh, and Michelle from Chicks Dig The Long Ball (link on the side) was awesome and went to the zoo and sent me a link to some Four Square thing but I don't know what that is but she gets points for going and doing that. Hey, remember four square- the game? I do. It was pretty great. Know what game I didn't like? Red light/green light. Busters cheated and just always said they saw kids they didn't like move after they yelled "red light... stop!". Booooo.

"Hey donkey butt, how about some ZWR in the wild in the mirror?" Okay! Here's Athena:


  1. As if anyone's called Athena!

  2. She could be my Greek goddess any day.

  3. First, and no doubt last, time I've ever been referred to as "hip".

  4. Umm, I kinda want to go to the zoo with Athena

  5. the improbability of an attractive woman knowing anything about this bolg leads me to believe that is another signature ZWR photoshop


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