Monday, August 2, 2010

A Collection of Possibly Fictitious Leonard Weaver Tweets

@LeonardWeaver what's up everyone I'm makin the ROOK carry my pads, haha

@LeonardWeaver Kobb just said we're playing th Redskins this year again!

@LeonardWeaver Wheres everybody at today I'm sweatin!

@LeonardWeaver They just called a full back draw!

@LeonardWeaver Whattup Twitter I'm at training camp can wait to get poppin!

@LeonardWeaver I'm doing jumping jacks and stretching!

@LeonardWeaver I just blocked a linebacker!

@LeonardWeaver Coach just called play action!

@LeonardWeaver I'm drinking some cold water!

@LeonardWeaver I told David Akers' I'm going to take his job this year LOL (Kidding he's the best)!

@LeonardWeaver today its gonna be a hot one!

@LeonardWeaver coach Reid rockin a new hair due I like it

@LeonardWeaver I don't know whats faster D-Jax feet or mouth!

@LeonardWeaver That was a nice catch!

@LeonardWeaver h

@LeonardWeaver hy

@LeonardWeaver hey it's back to work time

@LeonardWeaver get to wear our shorts today!

@LeonardWeaver Coach Morningwigs is drawing up some doosies!

It's your call


  1. He seems so damn nice that I feel guilty laughing at him. Not that I'm going to stop, of course.

  2. disappointed that there's no "fairy" reference... :(

  3. ...with Lynn Doyle.

  4. "the church van" is probably my favorite nickname on the eagles.

  5. All those exclamation points, and not a single duplicate (!!,!!!!!, etc) in the whole batch. I like it.


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