Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fan Poetry, Yo

ZWR enthusiast Eric sent this in. It's one of Poe's lesser-known works.

It was only a couple of years ago,
 In a city that serves steaks with cheese,
That they called up a Donkey whom you may know
 By the name of Carlos Ruiz;
And this Donkey he lived with no other thought
 Than to have a high OBP.

Roy was a stud and Chooch was a stud
 In this city that serves steaks with cheese;
And they played with a clutch that was more than clutch,
 Roy and this Carlos Ruiz.
With a clutch that Jose Reyes in Flushing
 Coveted Roy and Ruiz.

And this was the reason that, months ago,
 In this city that serves steaks with cheese,
A bat flew out of the sky, benching
 The awesome-ful Carlos Ruiz,
So that the team physician came
 And stole away our Ruiz
To get him an MRI back home
 In the city that serves steaks with cheese.

The Mutts, not half so clutch-y in Flushing
 Went envying Roy and Ruiz.
Yes! - that was the reason (as all Donkeys know,
 In this city that makes steaks with cheese)
That a bat flew out of the sky by night,
 Hitting and sitting our Carlos Ruiz.

But his clutch, it was stronger by far than the clutch
 Of many far older than he
 -Of many more well-paid than he-
And neither the Mutts in Flushing up north
 Nor the Natinals down in D.C.
Can ever dissever our clutch from the clutch
 Of the awesome-ful Carlos Ruiz.

For the bell never rings without making me sing
 Of the awesome-ful Carlos Ruiz;
And Roy ne'er breaks a face but he showers his praise
 On the awesome-ful Carlos Ruiz;
Other teams have no ploys to defeat Philly's boys
 For they do not have Utleys or Chooches or Roys,
Or a place to go see chimpanzees.
 Those magnificent chimpanzees!

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  1. "One of the best moments of my career" -Sweeney after his HR. Sweeney for mayor!


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