Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The following conversation just happened, on the way from the Metro station to the ZWR house. 

ZWR: Did you by any chance read about what happened to Ryan Howard last night?
NAG NAG NAG: OMG Big Brother is on tonight!
ZWR: In short, he got kicked out of the game for being mad at himself. Can you imagine? And Roy Oswalt played left field.
NAG NAG NAG: It's the power of veto! Hey, is he the guy we saw at Camden Riveryards?
ZWR: Wait what.
NAG NAG NAG: Oh, and Top Chef, too! Can we stop at Williams Sonoma?

Oh and I so made this at work but couldn't log in to bolgger so I'm posting it now and I don't care if it's ten hours late. PEACE.

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  1. That's my girl! POV and Top Chef in the same night. Awesome!


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