Monday, August 9, 2010

So Roy Halladay Pitched Yesterday (8.8.10 v. LOLMets)

It's been noticed of late by folks around the team that on days when Roy Halladay pitches other players tend to be, put delicately, not as sharp.
"Oh, I forgot my cleats. No biggie, Roy's pitching, I can play in my new Asics."

"Wait, Roy's up? Suck it, stretching."
Thing is, this wasn't lost on HLHIII, and Sunday presented the perfect mix of circumstance (Chase, Shane, and Ryan out, Chooch resting) and atmosphere (at home, against the chinstrappers) for a lesson to be taught. And so he did.

The soon-to-zoo gentleman went about creating a small target deficit, called upon a need for urgency once complacency set back in, and then kicked misters Madson and Lidge back into gear by taking off the training wheels and letting go of the seat as they frantically pedaled. Oh, how they smiled as they rode around that parking lot! Things cannot always be easy, but the steps of today make for strides tomorrow.

Carlos Beltran went ahead and literally broke his own face, in addition to the two times he let Roy do it. This was hilarious, and futile, because (as everyone knows) Roy can easily re-break a break with his cutter. Duh.

Photo courtesy of (not really, I stole it) @cranekicker

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  1. i love when any met goes full retard

  2. I can't haz baseball.

  3. at first I was like OMG OMG OMG I'm gonna catch the ball I'm gonna catch it it's just like right there so I drifted back and then OMG WALL and the ivy eated the ball :(

  4. rang his Beltran


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