Monday, August 16, 2010

When Penguin News Breaks, ZWR is There (TWIPN)

Due to the fact that every time something happens in the world involving a penguin I receive eleventeen e-mails and twelvity tweets, I've decided to implement a new series of posts on breaking penguin news and topics. I don't know how often this will run, or if I'll ever even do this again, but hey, you know?! I mean, I don't just manufacture MS Paints, Muppet Baby comparisons, and Samuel Beckett references in my sleep. Okay that's sort of a lie, but you get my point.

Anyway, this week in penguin news (TWIPN) starts off with a worthy repeat. Sarah Baicker of Twitter fame (she's also a hockey reporter or some jazz) made me this, and it totally rules:

Next up, possibly the most adorablest thing to ever have been photographed in human history (with the exception of babies and animals in ZWR shirts):

And finally, this doesn't even need an intro (thanks to @jerseyshorejen and Philebrity):

(Feel free to jank that picture at the top of this post and use it whenever you want to alert me of penguin/zoo/Roy Halladay/penguins with Roy Halladay/zoos with Roy Halladay/penguins at the zoo with Roy Halladay/whatever silly stuff. It's pretty awesome and all.)


  1. "that butterfly was mocking their inability to fly."

  2. I'd agree that the penguin beach jawn was adorable if that sausage looking hand wasn't involved.


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