Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yo Dawg it's a ZWR Dog Post, Dawg

No for real this is absurd I admit it. But it's awesome, too. Dog pictures! First up- check that, I'll just let you read the email because it cracked me up.
Thanks ZWR my daughters (Ella on left.. Utley girl, and Wini on right... Howard girl "Olive" in ZWR shirt) brought this little bitch home from FLA (Mrs. C with "wertz" shirt buzz lightyear At disney trip ... past post).. She's (Olive) a hairless chinese crested. Fugly man. She looks sooo much better now. Thanks. Jay
Sir, I'll see your "yes", and raise you a "please". Of course Jay actually forgot to attach the picture the first time, but when he wrote back I certainly wasn't disappointed.

I don't think you're fugly, Olive

I don't have a lot of those little link button thingies with the tiny icon in that bar under the place where the URL goes, but one that I do rock is The 700 Level. Because it rules. Know what else does? Matt from said site's pup in a ZWR shirt.

Dude he's going to look so cute eating your cross trainers tonight

At the risk of being a total dork, I have to take a second upon the realization that people are buying dog apparel to thank everyone* who's a part of this bolg (if you read it, send it to a friend, follow on the facebook, whatever- you're a part of it to me) for sharing in it all. I appreciate it more than I can say.

*excludes Ryan Lawrence

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