Saturday, August 28, 2010

ZWR In The Wild

Yo. Let's check out some fine looking people.

Anthony sent this in. Either it's he and his honey (who he so didn't introduce in his email), or the most awesome twist of fate (to think, I could bring young lovers together) ever happened at that bar.

And poor Ken. Well, not "poor" Ken, he did get to go to the ballpark with his boy and all. Unfortunately, they drove all the way up from Richmond to see one of the recent bed-poopings. Said son:

"Dude, ZWR, that's his back?!" Settle down. Trust me, kid's a looker. Probably got 14 numbers while the old man was out buying beers to make the drive back to Virginia tolerable, but I liked the whole awesome banned shirt looking out onto the wonder of a baseball field deal. Americana, donkeys.

Speaking of donkeys, look at these two!

Okay bye.


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