Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Got Your Cy Young Watch Right Here (SRHPY, #RoyForCy)

Just so the Cy Young voters know what time it is

Folks, what you see above is a Baume and Mercier Riviera Sport 8724 Chronograph. It's the $4,290 watch that Roy bought for practically every member of the Phillies organization to commemorate his perfect game. That's right, Roy dropped many multiples of yours and/or your parents' annual salary just to thank those around him for his own perfection. Really. He was so awesome that he spent a quarter of a million dollars to thank others for him being so awesome. Think on that. And no, the actual watches didn't have his face on the front--I just added that for artistic effect.

But as I see it, here's how the NL Cy Young race ought to finish:
1. Harry Leroy Halladay III - eleventy billion votes
t-3. Cole Hamels - twelvity five votes
t-3. Roy Oswalt - twelvity five votes

Others receiving votes: none
So with that I'd like to announce the official and almost entirely unnecessary #RoyForCy Twitter campaign. Seriously. Everyone use it in all your Twitter posts, even if you're not twinking about the Phillies.

It's easy, let me show you:
"zomg did you guys see One Tree Hill last night LOL I can't believe that thing with the one handsome dude and that one skinny girl #RoyForCy"

"what's up twittr have a blessed day. my dog just starin at me #RoyForCy"

"sup SPROTS FANS suuppppp me n GIL gunna watch PHLS than get sum PUSSSSAYYYY #RoyForCy"

"blah blah blah nerd stuff. stats, vorp, WAR, beat writers suck at life, blah blah bill james UZR #RoyForCy"
You can even borrow one of the above and just paste it into your twinker accounts.

Let's make it happen.

Roy leads the National League in wins, strikeouts, innings pitched, complete games, perfect games, shutouts, pitches thrown, umpires stared down, watches purchased and faces broke. For categories he doesn't lead the league in, he's probably in the top 3. Oh, and the Phillies are per usual steam-rolling September and are basically everyone's favorite to repeat in the NL East if not the World Series.


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  1. free t-shirt idea: "roy 1 and roy 2". play on seuss' thing 1 thing 2 combo.

    added: uncle chollie as the cat in the hat.

    you're welcome.


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