Thursday, September 9, 2010

Roy Halladay Stuffed Animal Win Tally Update!

When we last heard from Stuffed-Animal-Win-Tally-Guy (Kevin), it was May 7, and Roy had only six victories (in like 5 starts). Icy Tea Penguin had lots of elbow room, and stealth ninja otter had room to break dance.

May 7:

But now--what with four straight months of Roy breaking faces (including a perfect game!) in between and all, things have gotten quite a bit more crowded. It also appears that some improvisation was necessary to come up with the requisite number of stuffed animals. And judging by picture quality, it also appears that Stuffed Animal Win Tally guy has upgraded to the iPhone 4.

September 9:



  1. I bet that sign on the left says Karate.

  2. I'm not sure a "picture/postcard" of a dog qualifies. This dude needs to hit the Toys 'R Us and get some replacement animals.

    Still, nice effort.

  3. Glow Worm AND a Sylvanian Families bunny?!?!? I totally want to go to the zoo with Stuffed-Animal-Tally-Guy.

  4. I love this post is tagged under Figment.


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