Monday, October 25, 2010

At Least This Made Me Smile On An Otherwise Awful Monday

Reader Allie sent in this incredible Doc-O-Lantern below for you all to enjoy. That's craftsmanship, yo.

I hope to have some kind of season recap some time later so we can try and reach some sort of collective closure, but I haven't quite figured out how to go about it just yet. So in the meantime, everyone just sit there and stare at this. Like Ryan Howard.

Carved, just like the NL East this season

Other random odds and ends not worthy of their own post:
  1. I added a countdown to the right sidebar. In theory it's the approximate number of official days, hours, minutes and seconds until Doc arrives at Spring Training, but we all know he's probably there already lifting kettle bells and doing wind sprints

  2. All t-shirts are 15% off with the code ZWR34 at checkout

  3. No one cares about this, but the official ZWR Facebook page has a non-stupid URL at Vanity, yo!

  4. Chicken parm


  1. I thought striking out looking was a nice change of pace for RyHo. It was somehow less frustrating to me than flailing at a slider in the dirt.

  2. Thanks for making a fun season even funner. And yes, chicken parm. Comfort food is needed post-crushing loss.

  3. so many good things happened this season...i can't wait for your wrapup/recap, ZWR!

  4. On a positive note, when you type "Uribe!" into your phone to curse him to friends, auto-correct kindly changes it to "urine." So we had that going.

  5. I had chicken parm last night! and again for lunch today!

  6. Wow. I was thinking of sending along the Phillies "P" that I carved last Halloween, but these are just WAY beyond my skill level. Just wow.

  7. Roy is gonna break the stair running world record before the rest of the phils report to camp.

  8. Allie is very talented. Awesome job and who doesn't love some chicken parm?


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