Thursday, October 21, 2010

Doc Stood Tall

Sorry, one pun is all you get

Tonight was vintage Roy. What else can you say? Even without his best stuff, Roy was able to keep the Phils in the game, pitch his way out of some jams, and make Burrell so frustrated that ol' butt jutt dropped several F bombs in Roy's general direction.

And now, oh wait, what's this-- breaking news... it was just revealed to me that Roy actually hurt his groin in the second inning on a pitch to Buster Posey. AND THEN HE PITCHED FOUR MORE INNINGS OF BASEBALL. Think about it. He tore fibers in his crotch area, and then baffled the Giants for like 80 more pitches through the sixth. (Don't worry folks, he'll be fine. Trust me. Roy heals much better than mere mortals.)
The man is a legend. This weekend is gonna be bananas.

Back to Philly we go...


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  2. Exhibit #34118128723184123732184323 why HLH III is the best person ever:

    Q. Just back to Halladay, does he have a prognosis going forward?
    CHARLIE MANUEL: I said right after the game I was kidding with him, I said: When are you going to be available, next year? He said: Five days

    My face broke when I read this.

  3. So, according to the "wisdom" of Joe Suck, Tim Lincecum is the best pitcher "pound-for-pound", yet the 2010 NL Cy Young winner with a busted crotch was better than him. Does that mean that Doc's groin is the best groin "pound-for-pound"?

  4. FatPatTheBat was only yelling at HLHIII because he broke his face. No biggie. Can we get an MS Paint of that?

  5. Roy Boy is so cuttered he can advance not one but TWO runners into scoring position... ON A FOUL BALL!

  6. Huh, so Ken Rosenthal is a midget?

  7. So Roy pulled a groin (we assume his own), but Rosenthal's dad should have pulled out.


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