Thursday, October 14, 2010

Holy Crap... It's MORE Cole Hamels Photoshops (Part ??)

I didn't exactly expect this much awesome, but I/we got it. Sincere thanks to everyone who took the time to take part- these certainly made for a fun, long week (when do we even play again?). Anyhow, this batch ranges from the topical to the video gameical to the I don't knowable. In short, it rules like that thing.

(A quick story on our first picture: Danielle asked her brother- in her words, a Photoshop wizard- to help her out. Only he said no, because the donkey exclusively makes "emo hipster" stuff. Not to be deterred, she went online and downloaded some free something or other, creating images without any help from Dashboard Confessionalface. So, everyone, I ask that you love Danielle's submission. "Okay, ZWR!" Thanks.)

"Speaking of getting punched in the junk!"

Get it? "COLE" miners?

And this challenges the A-Ha one for my favorite. Click on it to get the humongous version, in case you wanted to make it your desktop...


  1. The only way the last one could be better would be if Shaggy had on a Giants jersey.


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