Friday, October 1, 2010

My #Funner Shirt Mentioned on CSN Philly's "Lunch Break"

Here at ZWR, we like to help out the little guy trying to make a name for himself--in this case, a little fledgling outfit known as "Com-cast". They contacted me this morning and let me know they were going to be mentioning me on this program they just started, and I was all, "Yeah okay, whatever." So check out the video below (if you're a lazy donkey, fast-forward to about the 2:00 minute mark), and best of luck to you, "Com-cast".

Now I'm obligated to tell you that everyone should watch the show , every day. Without fail. Even if it means ignoring responsibilities or skipping lunch. And in all seriousness, thanks to CSN's Dan Roche (@RochesRWinners) and Ricky Bottalico (@RickyBottalico) for the mention.


Q: But, how can I get that amazing and hilarious shirt?

A: I'm glad you asked!
And since you were so nice about it, I've gone through the trouble of including a handy image below. Just click it once and you'll be whisked away to a delightful and engaging electronic commerce experience!



  1. So kind of you to help out small businesses!

  2. ZWR always looking out for the little guys at Kabletown.

  3. The PH does get pretty "schlocky," so to speak.

    Dan Roche should look up that word instead.


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