Friday, October 8, 2010

This, the Reds. This.

With a single laser-like stare, Roy drained the life force from the Cincinnati Reds, impregnated 119 women in the Delaware Valley, caused Jay Bruce temporary Roy-blindness, destroyed all tangible evidence that Marge Schott ever lived, canceled the T.Ocho Show, and made Procter and Gamble's stock to drop 89%.

And like that, the Phils were up 2-0.

Thanks to @cranekicker for the screengrab.


  1. He also broke about elventy zillion faces.

  2. I'm slightly amazed he only impregnated 119 Del-Valleyans. (Del-Valleyagans?). There were at least 38 more reported cases here in Southern Maryland, 200 miles away.

  3. I lost my virginity to this face last night.

  4. Lesson learned.

    Too bad said lessons don't mean jackson in 19 hours.


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