Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's the First Annual ZWR Reader Hand Turkey Showcase!

It's that time of year, gang. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and the smell of freshly glued indian feathers and pilgrim hats is in the air. But as everyone knows, the best elementary-school-style holiday craft is of course the HAND TURKEY. Truth.

So, because ZWR has the greatest readers in the world that are apparently willing to indulge any ridiculous whim yours truly thinks to mention, we now have the makings of the First Annual ZWR Reader Hand Turkey Showcase (round 1).

Let's get to it!

Our first entry comes from @cranekicker of Crane Kick Chronicles fame:

And then @yoitsmissbee broke our faces clean off with the following:

But we had to quickly reassemble our faces, because Tiffany was quick to drop the following knowledge on us:

And finally (at least for this round), @D_AGOSTINO CLAPS US ALL THE FLUCK UP, @the701level style, with this amazingly incredible extra helping of HARDEST CORE FLUCKEN awesomeness:

No seriously, submit your own.

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