Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CLIFF LEE is a Phillies

Here's what happened at the CLIFF LEE press conference today*:

Ruben: "Smug smug smug forced humor smug smug I am a golden god everyone genuflect."

Cliff Lee: "Basically, Philadelphia is the greatest town ever and I would probably work here for free even though 100 million is also nice. Obviously, blah blah blah sold out games great fans, fans rule, love the fans, love the Phillies and the Liberty Bell. And dude, the bacon wrapped scallops were off the hook. Eskin, jesus christ, shouldn't you be over at the Linc? And yeah, I talked to Wertz, and dude--let me tell you--he is PISSED. Bwaha, oh well."

Beloved prankster Roy Oswalt even made an appearance at today's festivities.



  1. Lee to Werth: "U MAD? U MAD THO?"

  2. I loved the Eskin part. When he started asking a question I was like "geez don't you have a crappy radio show to do or something, stop shitting up this glorious day"

  3. Things just got funner, right quick.

  4. I'm glad those little name cards are placed in front of Rube n Clifford...without them I couldnt tell who was who.


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