Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The Wertz is gone. The Wertz has gonnnneee awwayyyy.

Yet without the beard, it just doesn't have any impact. So I'm totally over it. Have a good time with the Natinals, Jayson.

Oh, and did you hear your best buddy Cliff came back after you left? I know, awesome! Ciao!



  1. "I missed that. What happened this week? No, really. What happened?"

    Someone was angry...very jealous too.

  2. i must move on now after watching the WERTZ pc

    fargleh' bargleh'

  3. Wertz said all the right things. "They have young talent, are committed to winning, blah blah." I love how Clifton Phifer's press conference will completely trump this one. Ha ha.

  4. I'll miss Wertz, not just for the fargle bargle, and easy turn-into-a-zlog-post-ability, but for the best OPS on the team last year.

  5. Just like it took shedding a previous prized right fielder to get to the current plateau, methinks we'll look back and realize it took shedding this one to get to the next.


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