Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In Which ZWR Single-handedly Saves Print Journalism

Yo, it seems the Inquirer's John Gonzalez, aka the Square Hair of Mount Airy, has a mancrush on Zoo With Roy. In this article about the CLIFFPOCALYPSE he refers to yours truly as "the incomparable" Huh.

But really who can blame him?

And it's not totally unrequited, Gonzo, unless you'd rather have a feud, which could be good for the both of us (probably more for you than me, though, because I'm already universally adored). Plus, you're somewhat known for being incendiary. Just throwing it out there. Get back to me.

Oh, I also got mentioned in this Daily News article.


Oh, and since we're on the topic of awesomeness, I feel it's my duty to relay to you, dear reader, that Spreadshirt is promising that all shirts will be delivered by Christmas. But you MUST order by the end of the day today. They even have a little countdown clock on their homepage and everything.

And while you're in the holiday spirit, you might as well take advantage of FREE SHIPPING on purchases of $50 or more (that's only 2 shirts, if you were a liberal arts major). Just use code "FREESHIPPING" at checkout.

I mean really. Have you seen this stuff?


  1. i'd get the mystery team tshirt why the fuck not also the countdown to spring training is really fucking with me


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