Friday, December 17, 2010

It's a Friday Fist Pump Phoursome!

So just when I thought people were finally done sending me Cole Hamels fist pump photoshops*, I received this one. I think you'll all agree it's pretty excellent, and kind of wraps up this week's festivities quite nicely.

Submitted by reader Christine, who is currently failing her economics exam:

National League batters: So Fisted

* If you care to re-live the whole thing, here are the links:
Part I
Part II
Part 3
Part IV
Part V
Special bonus

Also, I'd like to think this is how every Phillies fan reacted when the Cliff Lee news broke:


  1. I was in Spain during the NL playoffs and didn't get to see any of these. This made my day today, thanks ZWR!


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