Friday, December 17, 2010

Miscellaneous Wertz Stuff

Saddest gajillionaire ever:

Or maybe not?

So yesterday I put told the Twitter I needed an intern, and some dude that is totally not Eric Forman submitted the following YouTube video as his application. Insta-hire?

And finally, I think it's time we pay our proper respects to the bearded piggy bank.

Goodbye old friend, you'll be missed.


  1. i so made a mistake trying to watch the video and eat my lunch at the same time. nearly died choking on a piece of orange! hilarious, as always!

  2. RIP, bearded piggy bank. Now you are just a man with a soul patch in DC.

  3. xtra normal is amazing, and that video made my life yesterday. insta-hire.

  4. i didn't care for the video. me fucking dead


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