Monday, December 20, 2010

Post-Cliffpocalypse Parenthetical Miracle Monday Miscellaneous

Okay so I set out to clean up the old Z-mail inbox today (and yo, I've been getting a lot of e-mail lately so if I don't reply or otherwise acknowledge your message don't think I didn't see it, or that you're a bad person or that your idea for a copyright-infringing t-shirt was unfunny or that I'm intentionally ignoring you. The truth is I probably did see your e-mail and appreciated it but I got otherwise distracted doing something else, or the Nag yelled to take out the trash, or it got lost in the midst of a trillion t-shirt orders or something) and a couple things were pretty awesome.

The first is this .gif from the good dudes over at The Wiz Wit:

Then some drunk girls (Emily, Christine and Katie) sent the following artwork of the Phils' rotation imagined as farm animals. Apparently they have children's place mats and crayons at Philly area Irish pubs. Probably for transplanted New York fans. OMG, sick burn.

Feel free to analyze their interpretations in the comments:

If only "Neigh-Moo-Cock-a-Doodle-Quack-Oink" rolled off the tongue like Phour Loko.


  1. Roy is a horse, of course of course. That's a happy cow, and happy cows come from California, therefore Cole is the cow, QED. Perhaps Cliff is the duck.

    Not pictured: Jose Contreras is the big truck out front, and somewhere on that farm is a pile of manure with a 5.50 at-home ERA: Kyle Kendrick, naturally.

  2. Holy shit Cliff Lee is a blue cow. How awesome is that?


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