Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chooch and I Ponder a Pitching Rotation, Chicken Nuggets

Secret fast food places are notorious for having awesome indoor jungle gyms

So last week Carlos Ruiz and I were at the secret Chick-fil-A that's open on Sundays for super celebrities and the topic of his noted affinity for wryly humorous metaphors came up (it was around the third beer--secret Chick-Fil-A is also secret BYOB, FYI):
"So, ZWR, what's your take on our current pitching situation?", he asked.

"It's rather amazing, I'd say, Chooch", I said... to Chooch. He looked up from his perfectly breaded nuggets.

"It's almost as if anyone can be our fifth starter. I mean that on a deeper level, too, ZWR. It's allusory and--somewhat comically, mind you--concrete."

"Concur, Chooch. Concur."
As we turned our attention back to our respectively delicious and super secret Sunday lunches, the promise of the 2011 season filled the air.

I nodded. Chooch smiled--and ate another nugget.



  1. What? No Phillies logo on it?
    My son, the Timmy Fan, wants this shirt and it's my dream to see him in a Phillies shirt.


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