Monday, February 28, 2011

1:05 p.m.

Getty Images

He's back! Fresh off his Academy Award victory for best cutter in a lead role, Roy is back in Florida today rearing to break faces.

But today will probably just be a real light tune up for Roy to work on some things -- although I can't possibly imagine what types of things Roy could need to improve upon. Nevertheless, you should probably ratchet down your expectations to something like: 7 IP, 12K's, 94 pitches. After all, it's only the first real game of spring training.


It felt good to type that


  1. The messiah has returned!

  2. Great video! Love how he has so much control on the ball, he just makes it float there. For hours now!

  3. This bulletin from Roy Halladay to hitters everywhere: There are "a couple of (new) things I want to work on this spring." Scary.

  4. It's gonna feel soooooooooo good to see that bearded face on TV (Once opening day comes, since I do not have MLB.TV)


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