Monday, February 21, 2011

Great Moments in Roy Halladay Advice Giving

One critically important piece of news that got little attention yesterday was this article from the Allentown Morning Call.

It was about-- actually, heck, you don't even have to read it. I'll sum up the relevant/awesome parts: 

"Halladay gives his boss some pointers"

Block Quote:
Roy Halladay let Charlie handle his spring training speech his way last year. This season, Halladay couldn't resist passing along some advice to his boss: No more off-the-cuff remarks.

"I even had a pad this year," Manuel said. "Halladay suggested that I take a note pad. He said it looked more professional, more official. I said, 'OK, Roy, I'll do it just for you.'"

You see, people. This is why I'm going to the zoo with that guy. Because he's like your dad and your boss and your best friend and your ace pitcher and personal trainer all rolled into one.

But anyway, I did some more research and was able to uncover some other great pieces of advice given by Roy.

Great Moments in Roy Halladay Advice Giving

"Roy looked at me and said, 'Dave, pull the camera in from the left rather than slow fade.' It changed the whole movie. None of this happens without him."  --David Fincher, Director

"I was going to launch a nineteen meat cheese-stuffed butter crust triangular pizza, but then Roy suggested we just acknowledge that our food stinks. I never would have gone that route. Now we're the lovable losers and Papa John is just some regular loser throwing bombs at tailgates. Thanks Roy!"  --Patrick Doyle, President of Domino's Pizza

"And then Roy said, 'What about an unconventional mascot? People will never expect that from a stuffy insurance company. Something like a lizard, or a gecko.'" -- Warren Buffet

"So I laid what I thought was the finished the track and told everyone we were done. Then Roy steps in and says, 'Eric, I think you can do a bit more here- maybe with a solo.' I look at him and say, 'mate are you sure- a solo at the end of a song?'"  Eric Clapton, Derek and the Dominos

"I had just finished packing, and all of a sudden my phone rings. It was Roy, totally out of nowhere. I had never even met him before, but being from Colorado I was familiar with who he was. Before I could even ask how he got my number, he blurted out: 'Don't forget to pack your pocket knife.' To this day it still gives me the chills to talk about it." -- Aron Ralston, Former Outdoorsman

"Did I want to step down? No. Did I feel as if I had to step down? No. But what Roy said touched me more deeply than the revolt of a nation disenfranchised and unified in its clamor for change."  --Mubarak Whateverhisnameis

"We were sitting around having breakfast- it was a rainy morning and I was feeling terribly down on my luck. I'm over here in the States, totally miserable, my career is going nowhere... end of the world and all of that rubbish. I look up from my eggs at Roy and sigh, 'What can I offer people that they'll ever care about?' He takes a sip of coffee, looks me square in the eyes, and says, 'Reality'." --Mark Burnett, Reality TV Impresario

"Roy told me, look, you need a great logo. And a good slogan. I may not agree with all your stances on policy, but the people want change-- so give it to them." -- B. Obama


  1. I waf heading out for to fly my kite in the thunderftorm, when Le Roi did fay, "Ho! Do tye your key to it firft!"
    - B. Franklin, Poor Richard's Alamanac, June Seventeen-Seventy-Eleventy

  2. "I remember before we started pre-production on The Phantom Menace some Roy Halladay character came to me with a look of terror on his face telling me that this was 'an awful, awful idea that will live in infamy.' Not a day goes by that I wish I would have listened. - George Lucas

  3. "I was standing on the LEM ladder, Roy was on Mission Control as CAPCOM. I was a little scared to step off, but I hear a strong voice in my ear. 'Neil, one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind' Sure I fucked up saying it, but it was one hell of a line." --Neil Armstrong

  4. "The iPod was a tremendous success but I couldn't get past a mental mind block that would lead me to the next great product in Apple's history, while I was out shopping for turtlenecks I ran into Roy and he said ""Steve, make it a phone"" I said ""and Ipod phone, what will I call it?"Roy smiled and replied "iPhone"- Steve Jobs

  5. Ok this one is completely real and serious

    In the new issue of Game Informer there is a story about MLB 2k11 (which Roy is the cover athlete) and the creators talk about how they asked Roy about his approach to pitching and to try the pitching in the game. He said it was way too easy to hit spots and paint the outside corner so they took his advice and completely changed the pitching around. I thought it was great.

  6. Did anyone get a peek at what was written on Charlie's yellow pad?
    This one jumped out from the page:

    "Know ty self"

    (gotta love how Charlie spells)

  7. All I wanted to do was to create a website that would allow my Harvard brothers to share dirty jokes and post naked pics of the female co-eds they banged. Then Roy suggested that "Facebroke" be used to enable communication throughout the world. I misunderstood him and called it "Facebook", but the rest is history.

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  10. "I was sitting in my laboratory one night, completely frustrated by my failures at capturing the luminescence of electricity into a glass bulb. Out of nowhere, Roy burst through the door and declared, 'it's too dark for me to workout, try Tungsten.'" -Thomas Edison

  11. "I was standing on my toilet trying to hang a clock and I slipped and fell, hitting my head. When I came to, Roy was helping me up and explaining the Flux Capacitor to make sure I was alert." -Dr. Emmett Brown

  12. "The line as it was written was, 'Ask not what your country can do for you, try to do things for your country.' Thank God I asked Roy to take a look over the speech before I went on stage." -John F. Kennedy

  13. "I didn't really have a problem with the wall... Roy was able to convince me otherwise." -Ronald Reagan

  14. "I thought 'Let there be brightness' sounded fine, but Roy insisted." -God

  15. "As the ball was hit towards me, I heard Roy say from the Phillie's dugout, 'Jay, why don't you let this one go.' I mean, the guy threw a no-hitter two nights before, I think he knows what he's talking about. I'd take his advice again in a heartbeat." - J. Bruce


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