Monday, February 14, 2011

Joe Blanton is... The Other Starter

 From IMDB:
When Joe Blanton, now a professional baseball player, is 'graduated' out of the training school where he has resided for many years because of his lack of relative talent, his hope is that he will be accepted for all that he can now do for himself. But Joe's team is now wealthy, which permits his general manager, already blinded to his fifth starter's rather high-functioning abilities, to try and provide for Joe beyond his needs (like forcing him to appear at press conferences), bringing forth  inevitable confrontations. 

For what Joe may lack in pitching ability relative to his celebrity peers, he certainly makes up for in his insistence on being independent, even  living in his own apartment and having his own locker in the clubhouse. But if this isn't enough, into the mix comes a young man, equally talent-challenged, who moves Joe beyond anyone's control...

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