Friday, February 25, 2011

R2C2 Episode II + Hits or GTFO + ZWR Logo + Shamrocks!

Dude: it's Friday, I just released some brand new shirts that are pretty awesome, the Phillies' first actual professional spring training game is tomorrow, and Spreadshirt is running a killer discount right now (17% off on $35 or more with the code '17OFF'). What more could you want from a ZWR post right now? Ninja turtles?! Psshhh, that was so Wednesday! J-Roll with a Pete Rose haircut?! Ditto. So yo, check these out. And be sure to tell your friends, retweet, post to your wall and spam Mets message boards with links to these new threads.

Don't forget: 17% off of $35 or more with the code 17OFF at checkout


  1. It wasn't enough to take on the MLBPA so you upped your game to take on George Lucas. You got some big ass brass cojones, yo.

  2. What's the point of having brass cojones if you can't risk them against Lucas or Spielberg and their legal minions? Live large, my son. Next month you can go up against the Koch brothers or Richard Mellon Scaife.

  3. I was tryna sneak some Onion Sun Chips and that bag was all crumblin and stuff LMAO!


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