Friday, February 11, 2011

A-Rod Photojobs


So what do we know? It's Friday- the weekend. That's when we have fun. Whether you're an old-head going down to PJ McHouliCuttyRileyHann's for growlers and appetizer samplers or a youngster with designs on hitting up an off-campus ATO party to sing "Come On Ride the Train" in a kiddy pool full of White Russian and roofies while "Sketch" makes a Jager-train on the beer pong table in the hat he stole from the Amtrak conductor when he took the Acela to Connecticut (his dad's a COO and has a job on Wall Street  lined up for after he graduates plus an awesome apartment in Brooklyn /life's not fair but we have Cliff Lee) last Fall Break, poop's going down.

What we also know: everyone hates A-Rod. (hahaha Yankees - CLIFF LEE!)

As such, since you're already reveling, and the Cole Hamels Fist Pump exercise was a thing of glory, I recommend that in the brief moments between happy drunk and "omg I'm going to poop myself" you all send me your awesome photojobs of the popcorn incident. Have Cameron Diaz be feeding A-Rod __________; have ______________be putting the popcorn into A-Rod's mouth: have Cameron Diaz putting ___________ into A-Rod's mouth. You get the idea.

Go nuts. This will test your skill as a photojobber, because seriously that's the best picture I could find of the "The Popcorn Incident". If anyone has a better one, send it to me. 

I'll post the best ones here on the bolg over the weekend or whenever, as we all kind of ease our way into pitchers and catchers with some good ol' Yankees schadenfreude. The best entry or two, as chosen by me, wins a free t-shirt of their choice from my shop*. Just try and keep it within the PG-13/R borderline.

To Submit Pics
Submit your entry by posting them on the bolg's Facebook wall or by e-mailing using the Zmail link in the nav bar. If you want credit for your work, stick your name or twitter handle or CB call sign in the photo somewhere, because I'm just a one man show and I don't have time to give proper credit to everyone and besides you're gonna want your name on there when people steal your work and post it elsewhere, trust me. 

Speaking of which, it has come to some ZWR fans' attention (mostly because one told me and then I told the rest of them) that the following code may or may not be used effectively for a 15% discount on all ZWR tees: BZ8RSWJ 

So give it a try, but I can't guarantee that it will work


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