Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spring (Face-)Break is Almost Here

Claim that spot in the left field grass,
For eventual Fall roots to take
These dear Spring days, sprinkled, must pass,
Yo, it's almost here, Spring (Face-) Break!

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  1. The beach-tini is correct, but everyone knows that a Maltese DOES NOT have black ears...

  2. so much win in this bmp.

    cole with the maltese.
    ibanez petting the maltese.
    chooch with an ice cream cone.
    roy being roy.
    moyer minus his arm.
    polanco with floaties.


    is that the big piece with the puzzled look on his face?
    and who's the white dude with blue-ish shorts?

  3. @Anon

    I'm pretty sure that's Howard, since he's watching the frisbee fly by with that puzzled look on his face, a la the final AB of the NLCS.

  4. Mike T (A.K.A. Anon at 10:12 AM)February 8, 2011 at 10:58 AM

    @Mike P

    That's exactly what I thought. Oh, Ryno...

    As for blueshorts over there, maybe it's Chase?

    Bottom line--- I'm loving this scene :)

  5. I think Victorino is playing Frisbee. He likes any game that requires him to run full speed after flying objects and then throw them back.

  6. But since the Frisbee is moving from right to left, that would mean Howard was in the RH batter's box, so it would seem perplexing to him...

  7. loooooove the Moyer arm...lol...still seen as one of da boys.

  8. Jamie love. He will always be a Phillie to many of us.

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