Monday, February 7, 2011

The Top 4 Superbowl Commercials Featuring Zoo Animals

 Terry Tate, just because

So last year when I did this, my bolg had approximately zero readers that weren't related to me.

Now, things have changed. Literally tens of people all over the world will probably read this, so the pressure is on. And in order to one-up last year's effort, this year I've expanded the list to four! And included videos! Unfortunately, as you'll soon see, this was a bit of a lackluster year for zoo animals in Superbowl commercials (I mean seriously TV ad people--let's step it up next year) so this list wasn't all that hard to put together.

Anyway, on to the list:

4. A Killer Whale Gets Hit With a Giant Log
Like last year's list, once again we start with a commercial featuring a huge whale.

Unlike last year's list, it's not actually a real killer whale, it's Roseanne Barr. You remember her, from the 90's? Oh, you don't? Huh. Well anyway, she had this TV show about being a white trash family in Michigan and how her life was basically awful but they always had sarcasm to fall back on or whatever. And that was before the US auto industry virtually disappeared, so imagine how cheery and hilarious that show would be today! Anyway, glad to see she's doing well.

Okay, okay, shut it-- here's the video:

3. An Animated Elephant and Donkey(!) Dancing for a Dotcom Something Or Other
Alright, look. I'm not going to lie. I don't know what this commercial is about and I haven't even watched this with the sound on yet. But it's got a donkey and elephant fighting and then making out, so I'm sure it's awesome and hilarious and you're all running out to purchase whatever fully integrated industry leading enterprise software as a service solution it's selling you, or whatever. 


It's cool, yo, those are the same tires Roy has on his Beemer

1. Business Dress Chimps Driving Cars like Donkeys!
I'll never not laugh--especially while drunk-- at chimps dressed up like people and doing ridiculous stuff that you wish you could do in real life only you can't because you're not an actual chimpanzee. 

This commercial was top banana-- aces all the way, just like our pitching staff. 

BONUS ZWR Super Bowl Coverage!!!
Here are some YouTube videos of some people covering Sweet Child O' Mine better than Fergie. 

Oh, and about that TiqIQ thingy on the right side of the bolg that isn't working-- don't worry about that for now. More on that later.


  1. That was just about when I discovered you. Started reading your bolg during snomaggedon and NoVa couldn't figure out how to plow so Fairfax County kept cancelling classes.

  2. Fairfax County represent.

    Get working on that TiqIQ site, Zookepper - especially now that The Fightins TiqIQ money only goes to Meech's shoe habit.

  3. I really hope you have another chance to use the "beaver fist pound" tag in the future.

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