Wednesday, February 9, 2011 (Zoo With Roy Partners with TiqIQ)


What's up, donkey?

So you remember The Fightins, right? More particularly, the Fightins Tickets site that they set up with TiqIQ? Well check this, those guys got in touch with me and were all, "omg ZWR blah blah blah we love you (fawn) etc. whatever we should totally partner up"and I was all, "wait what" and they were all, "you remember The Fightins, right? more particularly, the Fightins Tickets?" and I was all, "of course... but that's Meech's turf" but then they were like, "dude shut up he's the one who said to contact you." (That's why he's the ombudsperson)

I forget what I was saying.

Oh, yes! So in light of the fact that my kid's daycare cost more per year than in-state tuition to the University of Virginia (that's not a joke) and Phillies fans seem to love me I'ma throw the ol' TiqIQ around with you all.

Here's the way I look at it: the Phils are pretty much sold out for the whole season, so if you're going to get to any games this year you either already have the tickets or you're going to acquire them from a third party. If the latter is the case and you're a fan of my bolg, why not just throw me a bone and buy them through my incredibly awesome and well designed TiqIQ widget thingy? Right? Exactly.

There are absolutely no extra costs involved, above and beyond what you were going to pay using a third party service anyway... so don't be afraid. We can do this... and, you'll make me one very grateful bolg writer/auteur who wants to go to the zoo with a certain 2010-2014 NL Cy Young Award winner.

But seriously, no pressure--I'm hip to whatever so long as you're making yourselves happy with the amount of games you attend and finding a healthy life balance. This isn't Egypt or anything. Just if you find yourself looking for tickets you can check some out through the link in the navigation menu or that great little widget that's now folded neatly into the bolg.

Like an omelette. 

Oh, and Google now has this feature where it lets me post any picture from the bolg's history in a post without too much effort, so prepare to see random awesome pictures from the ZWRchives scattered throughout future posts, just because. 

The theme of these pics was, "People who bought one of my shirts last year and wore it to the ballpark and took a picture and sent it to me to post on the bolg." The cynical amongst you might think, "but yeah hey, ZWR, I see what you're trying to do! You're including all these pictures of attractive people smiling at baseball games in hopes that you'll brainwash us into buying tickets to baseball games exclusively through your newfangled ticket thingy!" 

Pronounced, "Tick-I.Q."
You see girl, like I've always said-- you're special to me because you notice the little things that others don't. So go try it out and let me know you what you think.

Also, here are some dudes:

 ^  +millionty-one cool points

Thanks for reading all that. This season is going to be a lot of fun, and I have some cool ideas in store and special stuff planned to make this season at ZWR the funnerest (hopefully. maybe.). 

As always, thanks for reading and being a fan. I really, truly appreciate it.


  1. So, does ZWR Tickets sell us tickets to come hang out with ZWR?!?!?71?!

  2. i appreciate you more than you appreciate me

  3. what happened to the fightins site anyway all of a suppen 1 day it was gone? never did get an explanation from any body

  4. Those dudes at the end are totally in the wrong order. Cool points = lost


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