Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Advice for iPad Owners, and a Dumb Story (RIP Nate Dogg)

"Oh my God ZWR I just got an iPad 3 it's the best ever what's the first thing I should do!????!" 

Settle down. I advise you download Flipbook, and then add the ZWR bolg feed (or RSS or whatever it's called... trust me it's hip). Put it right next to--preferably on top of--something like The Economist or PRI. Hopefully those donkeys can gain some legitimacy by way of spatial association. Or osmosis. More than that, though, it's a good mixer. 

"But ZWR who is on your Twitter?!" 

Everyone awesome. Like Spike Eskin and a bunch of other white people talking about the Fab Five and Nate Dogg (RIP). 

If your ass is a busta, 27 gonna regulate

A scene re-created in print, on account of an incident that happened in my car this morning as I listened to my computerphone through the sometimes-broken radio.

The storyteller (NARRATOR) has a voice layered with equal parts solemnity and, if possible, casual sincerity. It fits generally, quite well, the setting crafted by the small theatre and engaged audience (both live and those listening to the recording), not to mention the memoir itself.

Narrator (V.O.)
In 1993...    
(Interrupts buffoonishly)

Narrator (V.O.)
... my father died.



  1. Down in Clearwater to catch the games tomorrow and Friday and staying at the Hyatt on the Beach. Not kidding you, but RAJ is too. Saw him getting his burn on at the pool today with his wife. Didn't have the nerve to disturb his concentration, though. He did give me a nod when he noticed my Phils cap.

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  3. I was tryna sneak some Onion Sun Chips and that bag was all crumblin and stuff LMAO!


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