Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Astros Launch Delayed

Upon reviewing the advanced forecasts for Friday and conducting a subsequent cost study for broken face and hand medical attention, the Houston Astros have decided to forfeit their upcoming season opener against the four time defending National League East Champion Philadelphia Phillies. The team will now kick off their 2011 campaign on Saturday. Though this means starting play with an 0-1 record, many were in support of the decision- and avoiding last year's Cy Young Award winner Roy Halladay in suboptimal conditions. 

"At least we're not facing their ace on Saturday," quipped Michael Bourn. When reminded that he'd then be squaring off against Cliff Lee, a surprised Bourn blurted, "What the [heck]? Are you [kidding] me, [sir]?"

Elsewhere in Philadelphia series notes, General Manager Ed Wade was denied his request for extra Sprite in the visiting team's stadium box.


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