Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cole Hamels Steps to Bob E. Hall (Fist Pump Redux)

You may have heard by now that yesterday's Grapefruit League exhibition between the Phillies and Former Scrub Phillies had a bit of excitement.

It all went down when the Former Scrub Phillies' Bill Hall--basically a total scrub utility player who thinks he's Milton Bradley back when Milton Bradley was good, but had to resort to playing for the Astros for a major league paycheck--called Cole Hamels a "mark ass Mark Wahlberg" (or something) after the Factual One sang him chin music for not liking the way the utility scrub called a late timeout. At any rate, the whole story is here, and about 100 other places.

But for those of you not into reading words, here's basically what happened:

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