Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's Overly Strong Opinion Pageview Thursday!

Chase Utley's knee brings up a good point. Why are the Phillies waiting until now to address this? What was Utley doing all off-season that it's not until he gets to Clearwater that folks realize a problem exists? It certainly wasn't working on this throwing. If they just treated him in the winter he'd be ready by now- even if he got it scoped. For all of the praise Ruben Amaro gets for aquiring Cliff Lee, the MSM sure seems to be giving him- and the team's medical staff- a free pass on the handling of Utley. There's no way to deny this. 

The Sixers- of course- lost last night to the Oklahoma Thunder last night. While I know Kevin Durant and company have an emerging young team, you can't be comfortable with the fact that the Sixers never beat any contenders. For all of this hype about Doug Collins as coach of the year, maybe we could beat a contender once in a while to validate it? You really can't argue that fact. Let's see what the apologists say after they lose to Boston next.  
Bend over, Sixers, here it comes. H/T to Matt P. on the pic
And speaking of Boston, I've heard a lot of folks saying that Red Sox fans are better than Phillies fans. Yeah, maybe if you're trying to see who's most racist and drunk and likely to vote for scumbags. Go ahead, prove me wrong. Yeah, that's right. How you like them apples?!

While we're on the topic of teams and fans everyone hates, check out this #WINNING t-shirt: click here. LOL, hilarious, right? The M_ts suck. Muck the Fets!

What's that? The Flyers goaltending is awful? Wait, are you sure?! I could have sworn it was three flukey months in 1987. Ha. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me every year of my life shame on the stepfords. And just stop with this talk of how things have changed. This is a league where the level of your worth is measured in CUPS. Tell me something matters more. That's what I thought. 

I'm really tired of the Middle East screwing up my gas prices. If the stupid liberals don't let us start drilling for gas domestically then we won't even have to worry about Glolobal Warming or their death panels, because we'll all die at the pump. It's black and white. 

Yesterday marked the anniversary of the death of Christopher "Notorious B.I.G." Wallace. Two words: Over Rated! The entire thug culture (remember Allen Iverson with the helicopters flying overhead of his Main Line mansion and all of those trifling images?) has impacted sports negatively. I don't thank hip hop for what it's done to sports, either. Kudos to the NCAA for trying to fight the good fight and get these kids to stay in school.

Vote in my poll of who Brad should pick in The Bachelor finale!!!!

Who will Brad pick on The Bachelor Season Finale?
The pudgy rich chick who boned him in Africa?
The mom that he looks like a giant jerkwad if he doesn't choose

Oh, great- I see that the Parent Police© have won again, with Cap'n Crunch sailing off into the sunset. I don't know about you, but I think we're totally better off having decisions on how to raise our children being made for us by the "politically correct" crowd AND NOT THE PARENTS THEMSELVES. I have a better idea- let's just make sugar illegal! This way Jane and Timmy can't ever possibly have any of its evils forced upon them. Start investing in Tofu birthday cakes. What a joke. SICKENING.

BURN of the week: 
Stat nerds on Fat Tuesday! LOL! They're called "boobs", you losers. Turn the sine graph 90 degrees and that's what you're looking for.



  1. Don't even get me started on the Wisconsin Senate...REVOLUTION!

  2. ZWR has completely jumped the shark. It doesn't pack the same combination of intelligent analysis and humorous MS Paint images anymore. Moreover, what happened to the t-shirts? I feel as if there aren't enough t-shirts out there for me to express my love for all things Philadelphia.

    I think we need more t-shirts. And we need more bloggers that can push someone like you, ZWR, to creating better content - content that will enlighten, stimulate and yet cause one to crinkle in fits of laughter. You just don't do that anymore.

    And also, are we over this Ryan Howard thing? Isn't he paid too much? Can't he give some of that money to Amaro so we can get a new second baseman?

  3. What was I doing while I read this post?

    That's right, eating Cap'n Crunch.

  4. The Sixers beat the Bulls and Spurs.

    But maybe I just walked into a joke here.

  5. I was scared and then I saw it said satire as a tag and now I'm ok.

  6. Atleast we can be expecting the McFish to be on sale at McDonalds for Lent.

  7. What's the deal with Ovaltine? The glass is round, the container it comes in is round, why not call it Roundtine?

  8. March 10, 2011. The day this blog finally 'Jumped the Shark.'


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