Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kash Kelly and AC

You wouldn't guess it since I'm so awesome and successful now, but I was pretty much worthless as a kid.

I mean, we're talking a straight awkard Sega Genesis playing dud happy enough to spend a day riding bikes back and forth down Delaware Ave, playing entire MLB playoff series against my buddy Stosh in stickball,  and- fittingly- not talking to girls. Also, if you ever got hit with a mustard packet while walking the exterior concourse of the Vet, that was us throwing them from the walkway between the 600 and 700 levels - sorry! And if you were a sports talk radio show host or producer that worked a godforsaken overnight shift in the early to mid-90's, I apologize for calling in 7 consecutive times that one night trying to recite the entirety of Dr. Dre's "The $20 Sack Pyramid" on air. You earned your wage that day.

So I appreciate it when I see youngsters with ambition, particularly in this generation of floppy haired goobers apathetically texting Hollister shirts to Kayden, Britney, and Madison (or whatever they do).

In that class are these kids, who produce, host, and distribute the Kash Kelly and AC Sports Report.

Dude they even credit the music they use! Be swell and give them some page views and love.


  1. Hey guys this is Tim from the Ka$h Kelly and AC Sports Report thanks so much for featuring us on your site we really appreciate it!

  2. My love is given to you
    Hope you don't be unfair to me
    Give to me the love needed
    Come to love me with your life!

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