Friday, March 25, 2011

Out of Office Autoreply: ZWR is in Las Vegas right now

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thanks for your bolg patronage. I am out of the office in Las Vegas until Sunday, March 27. In fact, if my calculations are correct and I didn't screw anything up with this post, it's 10:15 Friday morning as you're reading this and I'm already in Vegas and I'm likely passed out asleep given the nature of my visit and the time differences between where I currently sit and the Nevada desert. Heck, I might not even be alive right now, so if that turns out to have been the case- it's been real, everyone.

If you need assistance in my absence, please contact @meechone on Twitter. Trust me he'll totally be able to help you out. Once I shake off the hangover (~Wednesday or so), next week should be a lot of fun as we lead into Opening Day. Lots of awesome stuff in store for the bolg. As always - thanks!


Vote for ZWR in the Phield
By the time you read this I have no idea if I'll still even be in this tournament or if voting will even be active, but just in case you should still click this link and check it out and try to vote for ZWR as early and as often as possible. And by that I mean vote once from home, once from work, once from your iPhone, etc...CLICK HERE TO VOTE, MAYBE

You've earned it!

^ note: $10 off on $50 or more with the code "SPRING2011".

Obvious pop culture reference!

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