Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thoughts on Throwing Batteries

Philadelphia baseball has been for the last few years in the midst of a Renaissance, a total cultural rebirth, the effects of which would be drastically undersold if termed commonly. Along with its new architecture, art, statues, rites/rituals, and societal transformation has also come the re-definition of imagery drawn from a considerable portion of the lexicon.

Take, for example, the word "battery". Whereas before that most often connoted energy cells used to power walkie talkies and be thrown at the big stupid face of JD Drew, it now refers to the immeasurably dynamic Chooch and Roy combination. You know, the one that produced a perfect game and playoff no-hitter last year. Cy Young award. 21 wins. The 2010 ZWR Man of the Year award.

It's 2011. Power up, yo.

Still Throwing


  1. Batteries are now also reserved for Jayson Werth

  2. I was tryna sneak some Onion Sun Chips and that bag was all crumblin and stuff LMAO!


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