Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vote for Zoo With Roy in @ThePhield

Thanks to your support so far (and me voting on every computer in a four story office building), good ol' ZWR has managed to make it to finals (Phinals) in The Phield!

We (that's you and me--all of us; the familial "we") face a tough matchup this round though, against Phillies Nation-- a blog with probably 20X as many readers as ZWR and exponentially more twitter and facebook friends. Forget the fact that @DashTreyhorn from the Fightins works there now-- I mean, that guy works for literally everyone now--and really we all know he's just collecting a paycheck, his heart really isn't in it. Because that's what Phillies Nation is: a collection of RUTHLESS MERCENARIES, and their cross-haired keyboards are aimed directly at your freedom. We can't have that now, can we? No, of course not.

So I need your help.


(actually Phillies Nation are kind, talented and decent folks, but you should vote for ZWR anyway. It's what Jorrick Calvin Would Do)

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