Sunday, March 20, 2011

ZWR In The Wild

I figure that since I wrote about kids yesterday, I'd feature another crazy one this morning. ZWR enthusiast Joseph sent in this shot of himself photobombing batting practice before the Phils/O's affair. Notice how once that jersey's buttoned up my man is concealing a fanny pack. Florida street cred, yo. Like Plaxico or something.

Oh, and my buddy J.T. Ramsay was spotted at a hipster farmer's market, modeling a piece from my CLAPT UP collection. Little does he know, MLBPA also owns the rights to low-sugar apricot spread.

Random March 17 #Daydrinkers:


ZWR at the Great Wall of China

Sideways, yo, cause that's how it arrived. Or is it a metaphor? Think on it.

In China red symbolizes fire, and is associated with joy, good fortune, and a love of Roy Halladay.

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