Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ZWR Magazine Study Names "Worst Fans" Articles Laziest Journalism Crutch

The maxim warns, "one bad apple spoils the bunch", but when it comes to sports journalism it's often easy to spot those ideas who have- and I'm already at risk of hyperbole- rotted to the core. A mealy extraction, whiffs of foul odor, a noticeable lack of substance (those aren't metaphors by the way), the tell-tale signs warning us to "pass" are all there, each hitting our senses as nature intended. Despite this, we are but human, and sometimes still take a bite. Tempted much the same as our earthly matriarch, only by a much more fickle serpent, a gag reflex combines with repulsion- as much physical as ideological affront, perhaps- in effort to dispel the piece. Alas, it's too late, and the taste has spoiled everything.

No apple "shines" in this regard more than the "worst fans" meme. In the Fourth Estate's New Frontier of short attention spans and pageview phallus measuring, it often is the case that the stronger and more outlandish one's opinion--controversial contrivances, even--the more willingly accepted the verisimilitude. The recipe of “combine one part passionate and reactionary sports fan base with one part evocative yet tired cliché” far too often combines for what equates to the lazy route to popular success (or "WIN", as the vernacular goes). At the very least they could have done us the honor of building the entire list into a convenient slideshow to heighten the suspense!

But we're led to a simple question: where does the blame fall? Is it with the reader, for falling prey to such simple bait? Or is it, ultimately, once the dinner party has sheepishly acknowledged that the goal of the profession is not to simply accumulate eyes so much as to capture a mind, ascribed to the pen? Certainly, unfailingly, because of the abhorrent abandoning of intellectual precepts, it is the latter.

In a status update society, where our youth speak in sentences of 140 characters and befuddling acronyms, does not some sort of responsibility fall upon the purveyor of actual written thought to provide sound example of intellectual argument? With "Worst Of..." and other mindless, subjective amalgamations, the literati defiantly says no (more to be found in the app or Twitter feed, I'm sure). And that is a shame.

So take solace, the worst fans in America. In this study, Pavlov merely lifted his head in a brief distraction from his penny smut magazine, to see that his dog addressed an itch, and scratched on the back cover his "definitive" findings. Fleas.

Update: It would seem as though the post-game analyst for the Eagles had a similar article today in the local rag (with pugilistic headline!). Bully for him!



  2. Should of kept Buzz Bissinger.

  3. what the fuck are you babbling about?

  4. I agree with the previous caller

  5. I'm worried about this trend. Usually the more passionate the fans are, the less hot.


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