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Quick show of hands: who likes beer? "I know right seriously ZWR what a silly question I’m actually still drunk from last night."

Another: who likes I Want to Go to the Zoo with Roy Halladay? 

See that? All of you. 

One last one: who would like for there to be an official Zoo With Roy craft brew? 

Asplosion- of course you would:

Kids- it’s really happening. No, I’m not even kidding. Seriously. Yes- real beer.

Now calm down for a second and let me explain. Vincent Derosiers- the bearded brew master at Iron Hill Brewery’s North Wales location- is (understandably) a huge fan of the bolg, and approached me with the idea of crafting a from-scratch ZWR beer. 

As you could guess, it took me somewhere between negative three and eleven seconds to email him back with a string of excited penguin gibberish consisting mainly of “zOMG”, “Yes please”, and “!!!!!!!”.

Meet Vince, Iron Hill ZWR Brewmaster.  He looks the part, huh?
Follow Vince on Twitter: @IronHillNW

But then I was where you are right now reading this: Is this real? This isn’t a joke? Dude, do you have bosses? Does your wife have a really good job? Really?

Artist's rendering

But Vince the Brewmaster is dead serious, yo. He explained that the batch will be one of his featured, custom-made seasonal releases and will be available sometime in early June. So mark your calendars.

I’m even going to head up in the near future to (get this) help brew the batch! And don't you worry your pretty little head, because you can bet I’ll post pics and milk this like crazy because it’s basically a cross-promotional bonanza but not the nerdy kind like when Ford Focuses are on the Amazing Race but the awesome kind where we all drink beer and eat egg rolls.

omg yes please

But ZWR what’s the name of the beeeeeer?!?!?!” 

Good Question. It’s called:

"What will it taste like?!!"
Short answer: Awesomeness, that's what.

Longer answer: As for the flavor profile (lolz), I wanted something that was sort of hefeweizen-y, but with Belgian qualities. “Wait dude are you a beer nerd?” Not totally, but I’m not putting my name on some donkey swill, and when you’re working with folks who are experts and have access to the best ingredients in the world you take advantage of that. So I shall, donkey nation. So I shall. Expect a refined wheat with citrus notes and subtly integrated complex esters native to Trappist varieties.

Or something like that.

But ZWR, where can we get it?!??! 
Dude, at the Iron Hill Brewery in North Wales in early June. Haven’t you been paying attention?

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Anywhere else?!? You know, something more amazing and unexpected and ridiculously generous of Iron Hill beyond making you a beer even?!?!!?!”  

Hmmmm. I’ve got it.

How about the  2011 FIGHTINS TAILGATE 2011 on June 11, 2011? That's right, our pal Vince and Iron Hill are going to do their darndest to be there and help everyone (21 or older, of course.) tailgate in style.

BOOM. Faces = broke. 

I know. This has been one helluva post. You're probably going to need to sit down and soak it all in.

Stay tuned for more updates on ZWR's So Cuttered Iron Hill Craft Brew Odyssey. And as always, thanks for being a fan of the bolg. But no, seriously--



  1. BrewWithRoy. Win. - GV

  2. Who do I contact to get this beer distributed in Canada?

  3. will cases be available for shipping?

  4. Shut the front door!

  5. Haha. That is pretty awesome! I'm sure that this beer will never see the inside of a bottle and therefore never see me in Florida. But if Vincent were to bottle just a few and send them to me, I'd love to be part of the "cross-promotional bonanza!" Congratulations! I couldn't be more jealous!

  6. Penguins used to drink Bud Ice. Time to move on up in the world.

  7. Iron Hill: ***PLEASE*** sell this at other locations! Media especially!!!!

  8. ZOMG... This is right by my house. ZWR ROAD TRIP !!!

  9. ZWR beer exclusively 20 mins from my house? Total Awesomeness. I may have to move to be even closer, or at least rent in NW/Mongomeryville/Upper Gwynedd whilst So Cuttered is in season!

  10. Please ship 2 cases per week to Nebraska. Thanks!

  11. Morandini Turned ThreeApril 29, 2011 at 11:40 AM

    Just a short drive from the homestead. Looking forward to it!
    I gotta say....Brew With Roy probably belongs on that label someplace. That's fargin brilliant.

  12. Oh man, this donkeybrew better make it to the West Chester location.

  13. I second that Media request. They better carry it, too.

  14. For those that can't make the tailgate, any chance of a bolg or twinker announcement that its available at IH? Or should we just rely on the thundering herds of people heading in the general direction of North Wales?

  15. Sending out the request for the Lancaster Iron Hill location.

  16. Early June? hmmmm That's Philly Beer Week!

  17. Media Iron Hill as well...thirded

  18. I'm guaranteeing victory today because of this perfect formula for a win. It has a lot to do with your boy Roy.


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