Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Life Imitating Art Imitating Art Reflecting Life

Last Friday, in honor of opening day, I dropped my international smash hit single (currently #3,943,287 on iTunes) "We Didn't Bolg The Fire" on the world. Immediately, donkey nation was captivated by the combination of ZWR's introspective meta-lyricism and Tug Haines' soulful baritone and music production skillZ (with a capital Z).

But then, a mere four days later, this happened:

Followed by this:

So what does it all MEAN?

Has ZWR reached some level of global artistic and popular influence? He doesn't know. It could just be commonplace for marching bands to play songs that most living white people above the age of 10 are familiar with when they play in public. It's unclear. Or perhaps ZWR's version of "We Didn't Bolg the Fire" was really just a hacky contrivance designed only to earn your re-tweet and reinforce ZWR's own ego in the first place? Has his ego run amok? Why does he have a Hooters banner ad on his website--it seems so random and out of character?! And why is he talking in the third person on his own bolg?! It's all so hard to say!

But I DO know that I had nothing else to post today (believe me, I tried) because last night was just so damn depressing, and I was hoping to shamelessly re-post a post I made five days ago that I'm quite fond of, so this is what you get.

So here it is, in the first of what is sure to be a countless number of encore performances when I have no other new ideas... ZWR and Tug Haines present, "We Didn't Bolg the Fire":

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