Saturday, April 2, 2011

So Roy Halladay Pitched Yesterday (4.01.11 vs. Astros)

Getty Images, Yo

Hello! Dude look at Roy up there. How awesome is he? Like, for real. I know. (Northwestern journalism majors, that's called a butt-kicking killer lede.)

Heading into the seventh inning stretch things looked pretty craptastic: WTF Romero and David Herndon chicken-fought their way into giving up three in the top half of the frame, Brett Myers had thrown 37 pitches all freaking day, the weather blew, and I already received 47 emails and texts from friends saying, "bro they're gonna have to win every game 1-0 cuz." It was enough to cause a gentleman consternation.

And then we won. Woo-hoo! You can read recaps everywhere else. "But ZWR, how did Harry Leroy Halladay do?!?!" Thanks for asking, reader. He ruled. Six innings, 101 pitches, six strikeouts, no walks (duh), only one earned run... and he got jobbed out of a hit by the donkey ump at first base. 

Oh, and sorry the Astros, but you've got Cliff Lee tonight! (Think about that, kids. We get SCLPT right after SRHPY all season.)

Lastly, further, finally, in conclusion, I'll leave you with this tremendous video ZWR enthusiast Mike McKenna made and uploaded to the Factbook group. Everyone say thanks. 

Roy Halladay from mike mckenna on Vimeo.

Now go enjoy your Saturday!

Walkin' it off (

Do you think Brian Schneider showers in catching gear?


  1. I love that Cliff is one of the first Phils out. It's like he never left.

  2. Need an update on the JRoll Swagometer after yesterday and after reading Stark's article on what happened:


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