Friday, April 8, 2011

Want to Get on TV at Citizen's Bank Park? Here's How!

Fan reaction and candid shots are go-tos for TV producers when trying to fill a broadcast. 

I mean, a baseball game lasts, what, three hours (one-and-a-half if Roy's pitching) and features roughly eight minutes of actual action? That's lots of filler, yo... but now, YOU can be the filler! 

"How, ZWR?! Get to it!!!" 

Okay, now listen up and stick with me here. Because if anything I've shown a willingness to get experimental from time to time here on the bolg. Full details after the JUMP.

No but seriously- if you have a friend, you donkeys need to get these two shirts, which are in no way affiliated with anything or anyone and totally hilarious in and of themselves.

See that? It all comes full circle.

If you're a modern-day rat packer and have two whole friends that like to go to games with you while wearing synchronized clothing, then you do this jammy jam:

It helps if the middle kid is fat, but that's not required. Yeah, I know. But anyway, as you can see-- the options are limitless. I mean, you could conceivably buy out an entire row at CBP and break the entire world's face off with an fashionably coordinated ode to some guy who may or may not play for the Phillies.

So there, set your DVRs. Because you're now guaranteed* a broadcast appearance and a personal mention from Tom McCarthy.

*not a legally binding guarantee


  1. But what if I wanna be the guy in the middle? Is it okay to get my buddy to be the first 'ch?'

  2. The middle shirt looks like any number of Doc's line scores.

  3. Agree with ArkFred's line of thinking...there should be 27 Os on the middle shirt, one for each perfect out by Doc...

    And speaking of Clapt, whatever happened to Shep N Gil?

  4. It also helps if you have superhero costumes, a totally empty upper deck and a giant sign.

  5. no such thing as empty upper deck at a phils game :)

  6. Anonymous (the first one)- Pretty sure I saw Shep playing 1B for the Angels.


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