Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ZWR is Flyered the Flyer Up Up in Here

As originally seen here

If you're not on Twitter and missed it earlier, I once again served as a contributing artistic correspondent for one of my favorite Flyers blogs, Flyers Goal Scored By, and provided this highly detailed recap of last night's Game 7 advancement action:

Drawn to scale

Also, lots of people have been asking in recent weeks (okay, months) for some Flyers related threads, so here you go. A tip of the Bauer to @MattP700Level for the "Ferme La Boosh" idea (from like 2 months ago), and the multitudes on Twitter who requested So Dangled.

Edit: I've received some questions about making these in women's shirts, but unfortunately Spreadshirt doesn't offer any orange tees in any of the ladies shirts. :-(

These rule

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  1. The red panda should be renamed Sir Giroux for the playoffs


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