Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bullhorn Kid Attempts To Motivate Ben Francisco, Thereby Breaking His Slump

A couple folks, noting how well the Raul Ibanez SAG-O-METER has worked, have asked if I can do something for Ben Francisco. To be perfectly honest, I'm kind of busy this weekend, and not even sure I have the tool set for that job. But I know someone who- if anyone possesses it- does: Bullhorn Kid. And you can bet your pancakes he's up for the job. 

DUDE, WHAT THE $%#^@#%*! IS  WRONG?!



LOOK AT YOU GETTING YOUR $&#@^$@# ON WITH THE $*#(@%^*#@ KING OF POP! DO YOU $#&*#$&*!@! GIMME SOME BENNY $#@&*^@#%#@$#&*@ FRESH

GET OFF THE #%@$#^(@^#$!@#ING FLOOR AND MAN UP FOR $#@$^#&@$! SAKE

(somber, meaningful pause)

THAT'S MY $#&@*$^#@&$#@!!!!

Lots of thanks to the Carlton Banks tumblr for gifs. 

* I in no way take any sort of credit for the "Ben Francisco looks like Carlton Banks" thing or claim it as original humor I'm sure like 9283k4 blogs have done jokes about it dude just saying people get sensitive.


  1. Yeah, "people get sensitive" because it is becoming increasingly apparent just how many jokes you take from people on your twitter feed and post with no credit. Or, perhaps the occasional h/t in the smallest font you can find. The "little blog that could" act was quite endearing, but seems to have been replaced by relentless self-promotion, and an unending supply of two-color, truly mediocre t-shirts. Perhaps you could call it "the South Street Market." Congrats on the the popularity and much of the work is still indeed quite inspired, but the "high-minded" part of the "high-minded nonsense" seems long gone, and your jokes with corporate terminology no longer seem ironic. A look past the surface and this seems to be an increasingly ruthless, get-ahead business endeavor. Maybe that was the goal. There is nothing wrong with making money, but try to be honest about the process - even if that isn't the best way to "get ahead."

  2. That reminds me- today's the last day my awful shirts are 15% off with the code ZWRBEER! (Note: I'm making absolutely no money off of the beer, and I did not invent beer)

  3. Did that guy just hipster-bitch about this blog? Seriously get a life...

  4. I so wish Ben would do the Carlton Banks dance in the dugout. I'm pretty sure I'd still think he sucks, but I'd seriously love him forever.

  5. OK Anonymous (first dude) I hear you. But tell us how you REALLY feel.

  6. @2nd Anon - yes. Yes he did. First post = angsty hipster with $300K trustfund, and wears wolf t-shirts that cost $2.50 (ironic!)

    Keep up the good work, ZWR. You sure as hell entertain me.


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